“Since our first encounter, I’ve been impressed with the service and attentiveness I receive when interacting with the Embarco staff. They truly know how to ‘make it happen’. Whether it’s responding to a simple question, adjusting to last-minute changes or addressing an issue, their professionalism and effectiveness has always been great. Embarco is definitely easy to work with and I feel my business is appreciated.

Four stars!” – Will Robinson, Sales Manager

“Having worked with Embarco Entertainment for the better part of three years, PS&E has nothing but great things to say about the company and their team. While advertising over 125 shows per year at our three venues, we have worked with Embarco as an additional marketing arm. And needless to say, their tireless efforts have made our shows even more successful, driving tickets sales and more importantly, driving revenue. Their innate knowledge of the greater Detroit area has allowed us to expand our reach and maximize our assets. PS&E will continue to do business with Embarco as we look to take our business to the next level” – Nick Bartolone, Director of Advertising and Promotions


“The Embarco Entertainment team offers a powerful punch to the Detroit market place! They are super resourceful in fulfilling the variety of unique requests we are asked of from our clients. They execute everything seamlessly, without hesitation, and provide a wonderful compliment to the offerings for our business. Super speedy, professional & creative. You name it, they get it! Thank you for your attention to all of the detail and wonderful options you provide to help impress our guests.”

– Bruce Rothschild, Director of Sales